Spoiler alert! India is secretly gaining ground and will soon rule the world. Experiencing an impressive 7.5% growth in 2015, its economy is growing rapidly and old stereotypes are being retired. The new, emerging India is powerful, relevant, and eager. Here are five reasons India will rule the world:

Coup By CEO
Sanjay Jha, CEO of Global Foundries, oversees the first semiconductor foundry in the world that is full service. Without semiconductors, life as we know it is over because they are a necessary component for all electronics. Rule the semiconductor realm and rule the world.
Dinesh Patiwal is at the helm of Harman Industries. This CEO sits in the driver’s seat of the one of the world’s leading market providers of audio systems for the automotive industry. He has the ear of the entire world’s driving population.
Ajay Banga is not your average CEO. Leader of Mastercard, Banga is in a strategic financial position of power with this global financial service company. He also negotiates trade policy for the Obama administration and chairs a joint U.S./Indian business council, sits on Dow Chemical Company’s board of directors, and is a member of the prestigious Council of Foreign Relations. It looks as if Banga is poised to one day rule the world quite capably all on his own.

Holding The World’s Wealth
Narinder Singh Kapany resides in the San Francisco area. Dubbed the “Father of Fiber Optics”, his success has graced the cover of Fortune Magazine as one of their declared “Businessmen of the Century”. His net worth was estimated at $900 million in 2010.
Vinod Khosla, a Forbes ranked Silicon Valley billionaire, helped co-found Sun Microsystems which is responsible for Java, a programming language even a low-skilled computer operator is familiar with. He is also winning the hearts and minds of all who know him with his generosity and philanthropic endeavors.
Rohinton Mistry has a net worth over $50 billion. This Bombay born Canadian is a literary giant, prepared to mold the minds of the world’s future generations.

Inspirational Leadership
Prime Minister Modi has proven capabilities to shake things up for the good of the Indian people. His inspirational leadership is guiding the country through changes with a single purpose in mind, to bring significant change to the lives of India’s poor. His bold plans and strategies reveal a leader who is capable of taking on the challenge of leading all the nations of the world to a better tomorrow.

Middle Class Strong
India’s middle class is rising strong and powerful. The beginnings of this rise were evident in the 1980’s with the technology revolution. India has kept pace with the demand of the IT industry through efforts in education to prepare a generation to dominate in this field. That strategy’s pay-off is now evident in the expansion of India’s middle class. By seeing education as an investment in future wealth, India demonstrated a sophisticated cunning that many other country’s lacked.

Economic Growth
As stated previously, India has been experiencing phenomenal economic growth. What this means is India is in a place of strength globally, advantageously positioned to negotiate from a position of power in trade deals. It also means that India can re-invest in the infrastructure of its nation. The country has revealed plans of investing billions in projects such as a rail network and new highways, as well as ambitious programs such as ISRO, India’s national space program, the “Indian Space Research Organization”. The ISRO recently carried out a successful test launch of their own unmanned space shuttle, anticipating a manned launch within 10-15 years.
India is, indeed, poised to take over the world. If you had not realized it before, it is because the work has been going on for quite some time. India has been more concerned with achieving than tooting its own horn. But if you stop and take a look at all that India has accomplished and the nation’s plans fortomorrow, it is easy believe in a world led by India in the future.