India has a dynamic duo spurring growth in the country today: a progressive prime minister, Narendra Modi, paired with a dynamic central banker, Raghuram Rajan. These are 5 cities to invest in today if you are looking to India for a return tomorrow:


Property prices are expected to continue to rise as demand increases. To capitalize on this opportunity, investors should put their money into Mumbai’s real estate market. This city is the most populated city in the world. It has every vital infrastructure transport connection: air, sea port, rail, and road. Virtually every industrial sector represents opportunity here: biotechnology, chemicals, and engineering, for example. It is quickly becoming the nation’s information technology center. The skilled workforce for these industries need housing as well as business centers to work from. This is the city for real estate investors to engage in a lucrative opportunity.


Currently the third largest city of India, it is also the fastest growing. This Indian city is home to the most reputable educational facilities and research institutes the nation has to offer. Foreign investors enjoy a competitive edge in Bangalore as compared to other Indian cities. For example, taxation is highly favorable for investors and import/export procedures are simplified and streamlined. The opportunity to invest in IT research and development is, perhaps, the most attractive element of Bangalore.


Affordable property is fueling the surge in Gurgaon’s real estate investment market, residential and commercial alike. In response to its rapid emergence as a realty hub, infrastructure development is also on the uptake. New toll roads and highways are improving accessibility to this growth corridor in India.

Thousands of apartments have been constructed and nearly one hundred more projects are planned. Investors have seen phenomenal returns on investments in residential housing projects. Increased residential property translates into more consumers in the area who will increase demand for commercial property. For investors with a keen sense of future prospects that offer growth and return, Gurgaon is the place to put your money.


Pune’s nickname is “Queen of Deccan” because it is simply a beautiful place to live. Rich in history and religious culture, it also enjoys worldwide fame as a dynamic place for education and a heavy hitter in the research and development industry. Four universities call the city home along with more than 20 colleges of engineering and hundreds of other colleges and foreign institutes. Every major industry is represented in Pune and industry development continues to rapidly grow. Foreign investors enjoy great returns when investing in Pune real estate.


You may remember Chennai as a city known as Madras. The major industries of Chennai are auto makers, hardware manufacturers, technology and healthcare. Successfully blending the modern with traditional, Chennai represents the very best of Indian heritage with a flair of western influence. The city has ambitious infrastructure projects planned to keep up with the demand of a growing metropolis. They also like to keep things sweet for investors, such as providing a labor class that is highly skilled and stable.

Invest Today

India’s banking industry is gaining momentum for foreign direct investment (FDI). This makes financial collaborations easier for joint ventures within the country. Foreigners are helping India’s private sector grow thanks to new policies that make it easier to obtain necessary permits. Although India’s tax system remains complicated, that is where expert consultants can provide the guidance and expertise to help investors succeed.

Although India encourages foreign investment, not all sectors are open to foreign investment. To take advantage of all the investment opportunities India has to offer, consult with professionals who have experience and resources in the vibrant growing industries that are open for investment in India today. With the unprecedented economic growth India is experiencing, there is little convincing that remains for most investors.