According to the current trends in India, it is true to say that India will very soon conquer the current superpowers and become the new king of the planet. By investing in an all-round development, it will be an irreplaceable influence and ruler of the world. From the current state of its economy, political and military ability to the investment it has made towards a sustainable future, we can confidently conclude that it is soon becoming the sole giant of the earth.

Several things have led to the tremendous progress of the state, which introspectively, will make it the leading planet-wide economy shortly. Here are five reasons why India will rule the world in the next half decade;

  1. Prominence in the leading world-class corporations – India is home to CEOs and chief leaders in the main companies which produce products and services consumed in a worldwide market. Here are a few prominent CEOs that India has produced;
    • Satya Nadella – Microsoft Corporation
    • Sanjay Jha – Global Foundries
    • Ajit Jain – Berkshire Hathaway Insurance; a leading insurance company on the global scale
    • Ajay Banga – MasterCard
    • Shantanu Narayen – Adobe Systems
    • Sundar Pichai – Google
    • Nikesh Arora – SoftBank
    • Rajeev Suri, CEO of Nokia. We can precisely say that Indians run the world.
  2. Robust economic growth – According to 2015 statistical analysis, India is currently rated as the leading country as far as economic growth is concerned. This brands it as an emerging superpower on global economy evaluation. In fact, Douglas McWilliams, a leading economist, has confidently stated that if it maintains the same trend, India will be the largest economy on the planet in 40 years.
  3. Political Stabilization – India has one of the most stable governance systems across the world. By ensuring favorable policies and proper resource control and management, economic development and sustainability has been achieved. It has also invested in international relationships, chiefly with the current superpowers of the world. This has enhanced international relations across the globe, which have all contributed and impacted on its economic growth. Prime Minister Narendra Modi governance has enhanced the achievement of all this. He has invested his wisdom and intelligence towards his country’s empowerment. According to an article by Press Trust of India, he is quoted to have said that India has the knowledge required to energize the 21st century, and it will, therefore, lead in this century.
  4. External Investment by Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) – Indians are renowned for their numerous business ventures around the world. NRIs have set up various wealth-generating firms all over the world; hence they are contributing economic factors in their respective countries of residence. They provide employment opportunities to local residents and enhance economic growth in those countries. India is, therefore, a significant donor to the world’s economic growth.
  5. The rise of the middle class – We have seen high population being a major threat to sustainability in an economy and being a major drawback to economic growth and development in many countries across the world. Contrary to this, In India, the high population is one of the major assets that have contributed to the vigorous economic growth of the country. This is because over 50% of this population is in the working age bracket; hence India has a lot of labor supply to assist in perpetuating its economic activities and sustaining the human resource supply for decades. Hence, most of the people in the country are middle-class

For evident reasons, it is dawning on everyone’s eyes that India is confidently in the quest to become the leading economy. Her strategic planning and objective action will soon take her to the peak of the world and yes it will rule the world.